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Hi, I’m Saugat Rimal,👨‍💻 Web Designer who is exploring Frontend Development while facilitating the world🌍 with User Experience with my Design Thinking Skills 🧐 and Enthusiast about Cyber. I have always loved creating something out of nothing.😉

Working💼 as a Wordpress Developer | Frontend Developer at Swivt Technologies.

🤓 I have a keen interest in 🤝 collaborating with others and empowering others to build digital solutions that solve real-world 🌍 problems. I’m also a Design Thinking facilitator and a Creative Technologist who believes that the merger between Design Thinking and Digital Technologies will lead to the building of user-centered solutions that are impactful toward the betterment of society.

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HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Tailwindcss JavaScript React JQuery C & C++ Git Github Linux VsCode Heroku Gitkraken Sentry Netlify Gatsby Vercel Wordpress Woocommerce Ghost

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